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a brief interlude

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I took the week off work this week.

It’s the first since I’ve had a chunk of time off, since starting this job in February of this year. And yes, I’ve timed it so that I could have the US election day right smack in the middle, because I remember how 2016 went and how unproductive and distracted I was in the office then.

My ambitious plans for this week include:

  • Catching up on my reading challenge
  • Have a backlog of posts and ideas for this blog
  • Go out for meals with a few groups of friends

I find myself doom-scrolling on Reddit (and the politics sub specifically) a lot too though, and trying to be hopeful that democracy in the United States isn’t truly dead. From the outside looking in, the cruelty from the GOP at this point seems more like a feature rather than a bug, but as much as I am a cynic, I am also an eternal optimist.

Anyway, this week’s not-an-update will be short and sweet, and I hope that the early turnout numbers are indicative of a blue tsunami. Now, I just need to not be on the NYT’s election needle page because I still have trauma from that anxiety in 2016 😭

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