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A couple of TV recs + a movie (trilogy)!

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I haven’t watched television shows in a while1wow, tell that to my teenage self, devouring at least 20 weekly series at any one time, or actually sought out new movies to watch2something something about rewatching movies I have watched and loved to seek comfort in the familiarity but my brain has been taking a break this week.

Hence these content recs!


I got to see gifs of this on my Tumblr dashboard and did a double take because is that Sara Bareilles and Renée Elise Goldsberry on a TV show??

But sincerely — this is laugh-out-loud funny, peppered with nostalgia for my childhood (I was an early teen in the aughts), especially when the music groups of my teenage years have been reuniting and making new music. The theme song is so catchy and I’m still humming it, and I’m excited to be able to binge-watch the second season whenever it comes out.

Leverage: Redemption

Oh, Leverage. The five seasons of the original series are one of my most favorite seasons, and it’s something I put on in the background and know that it would make me feel like there is some justice in the world. I’ve said “where is the Leverage crew to get this guy?” at some of our real-world villains (billionaires, pharma bros…) too many times to not get excited about the new season.

I’m only really halfway through it, but by the first twenty minutes of the first episode, I was already heart-warmed and felt like I was coming home.

Fear Street

I watched the first two films with my friends virtually — I don’t think I would’ve watched it as a solo activity — and it was such a fun experience. Campy and pure entertainment, and already spawning so many theories and speculation about what the whole mythos is.

Watch as we get everything wrong when the third film comes out!

And of course, I’m very here for queer representation in media 💝

Have you been watching anything good? Let me know!

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