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A quick 3-2-1 update

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Alternative title: It’s Lunar New Year and I didn’t write anything.

3 things I bought/started using


My neck and back have been hurting, because I skipped over my youth and now have the body of an old person. Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I’m now trying out this pillow. We’ll see if it helps with any pain.

Resistance bands

These have been so useful, as far as my paltry home gym setup goes. Before this purchase, I only had stackable dumbbells that go up to 21 pounds on each side. More than that, with the bands, I’m now able to do exercises (like flys, rows, assisted pull-ups) which I’m super excited about.


These are a gift from a friend so I didn’t buy them myself, but Tencel sheets have been a freaking REVELATION.

2 things I started doing

Slow carb

At the start of the year I figured there was nothing to lose (except for my fat percentage), and decided to give the slow carb diet a try. It’s a lot like how I ate anyway, and the only two changes I need to make were: 1) Changing my carb sources (rice, noodles, bread) to beans, which I love anyway, and 2) not eating desserts and snacks for six days a week, because there’s a designated cheat day on the weekend.

I did okay, for about four weeks? I also saw some pretty awesome results — though most of it is probably water — but I stopped doing it when I got sick, and then Chinese New Year was coming up. So yes, lots of excuses.

I think I might do it again soon though, and see how far I can push myself this next time.

Writing fiction

I haven’t properly written something fictional since 2013ish, but I’ve started getting back into it. It’s been really nice so far, actually.

1 mindset shift

Sum of money invested, not per dollar-cost

This one’s tricky to admit, because all of last year I obsessed about getting the best dollar-cost averaging, which is the anti-thesis of the principle itself. I tried timing the market, to little success. (Naturally.)

So what I’m thinking is I should forget about the average cost of each unit, and just think of it as the total amount of money I have in the market, if that makes sense.

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