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A snapshot of my waking moment.

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When I wake up, I reach for my phone. Not checking for messages or notifications (though sometimes I sneak a glimpse), but to start a new entry in my daily log on Notion.

The first thing I do is start typing all that I remember from — hopefully — a night of dreaming. I dream quite vividly, and it’s a race against time to record that down, translating something that had made so much sense in dream land to something that is coherent in actual words.

(Yesterday I dreamt I’d forgotten my mask and had to use the hood from my hoodie to cover my face while walking.

The day before: I had to hide in the toilets from a man who was hunting me but it wasn’t not working, and he was also the father of the witches who’s at fault for all the deaths (???).

Yeah. Exciting!)

When I’m done with scrambling to write everything I can remember before they all dissolve into wisps of nothingness in my memory, I fill up the title of the entry with one thing I’m grateful for in my life.

These days, I find that I’m thankful for these general patterns:

  • Getting through a work day or week
  • Having free time/anticipating free time
  • Spending quality time with people

Thematically, they all have to do with time and how I spend it, which tracks.

(And then I proceed to spend another twenty minutes in bed just lazing.)

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