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A tale in two images

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So… pretty much this:

I don’t think I’m nearly that far off from the goal though, because I just keep switching between books. Maybe that says something about my attention span these days (this year). Or maybe we should normalize not finishing books we start.

There are some books that are better off communicated as the TED Talk they originate from; books that you can skim just by looking at the content outline. There are also some authors who have five books talking about the same core principles, and yet I read those new books knowing I’m not really gleaning anything truly mind-blowing. It’s comforting, though.

On the fiction side of things, sometimes I look at book reviews before I read them, just to get a gist of how it ends. That’s me with media in general though; it’s part anxiety and part trying to prevent the sunk cost fallacy.

I was also consuming more audio books last year when going on long walks.

I’ve stopped going on long walks.

(That’s probably another problem.)

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