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Hey! I’m Jalyn. I ask why and why not, a lot. That is a central theme in the things I like to explore.

My day job is as an experience designer, where I get to be at the flashpoint of user needs, business requirements, and technical capabilities.

I’ve been a person-of-the-internet since the late 90s, and at the end of 2019, I decided to finally start penning down and publishing my thoughts online.

Like a well-run business, I too have a mission and vision:


To empower individuals to know that they have the capacity to be and do more, and drive towards a shared goal of bettering processes and lives

I know. That’s a lot of words, but it essentially boils down to:


Do awesome things, with awesome people.

My writing focuses on

I try to update once a week, but time sometimes gets the better of me.

  • The pursuit of an intentional, meaningful and happier life
  • Growth and development
  • Minimalism (and my struggles)
  • Productivity (and my struggles)
  • Fitness, both physical and mental (and my struggles)
  • Personal finance (and… you know, this I’ve got a little handle on it right now!)
  • Experiments I run on myself, on the above topics

Other things that fascinate me

  • Travel, just like every other person out there that I know
  • Equality and intersectionality are themes close to my heart
  • I enjoy playing music, and learned to play the ukulele during the pandemic. So far I’ve only posted one video of me playing a cover, but hopefully I’ll work up the courage to post more videos!
  • Stage productions — I’ve been known to center whole trips to cultural epicenters around shows I can watch
  • If time travel is a thing that will get invented, I hope my future self tells me about it
  • I grew up in fandom; I intend to keep being a part of it

Get in touch with me

  • Instagram: Slide in @jalynish!
  • Email: You can say, if you prefer something where character limits are not a thing.
  • In-person: If you’re in Singapore — hey! I’m an introvert who masks that very well, according to my colleagues. I love meeting new people and exchanging ideas and discussions, so if you’d like a coffee or another beverage of choice, send me an email and we’ll work something out.