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I want to start a blog.

This has been something that has been on my mind for the past ten years, although if I’m being honest with myself (and that’s the goal here!), it has definitely been something I’ve thought of for way longer than the last decade.

I’ve flirted with Blogger as a teen, painstakingly linking my high school friends’ blogs in the sidebar and refreshing each of them daily, before I discovered RSS (and before it faded away). I had a carefully curated LiveJournal about my favorite TV shows and films and music, and for a few years, it was such a big part of my life online.

I’d even installed easily a dozen or so WordPress blogs when I started freelancing as a web designer when I was 18, and created endless mental reminders for myself to get the ball rolling on one myself when the blogs I was reading shifted into the mainstream.

Yet, the daunting expectations of being consistent in writing and putting something out into the world, coupled with the imposter syndrome of feeling like my thoughts aren’t worthy enough of documentation gave me pause in my steps towards doing just that.

There isn’t really a grand plan or strategy in place for this little corner of the internet I’m parking myself in, though. Plenty of things and conversations I want to have with people, and it would probably reflect the intersections of my life, my values, and things I find interesting.

More likely than not, it would chronicle my journey in optimizing my life, my path to financial independence, my attempts at intentionality and minimalism, and my lifelong pursuit of fitness (both physical and mental!).

I want to start a blog, and so, as a new year and decade begins – here I am.

Hello, world!

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