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On test prep and lifetimes ago

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I’ve given myself 2023 to think about whether I want to pursue an MBA.

I should perhaps consider shortening the timeframe, since 1) I’m not getting younger, as cliches go, and I’m far exceeding the age ceiling of an average full-time MBA student and 2) Admissions are generally right now in the year, so I’ll have to shore up my applications before the year mark is up, I think.

To that end, I have been flicking through some GMAT prep books just to get myself acquainted with the exam format, and figure out where I should focus my energy on. Math had never been my strongest suit despite the distinction in the O Levels, like my sister would remind me (of her tutoring skills during those trying times), and after 18 years of not flexing any mathematical skills, I fear that I’m struggling.

18 years — that’s more than half a lifetime ago.

Hopefully, dormant knowledge surfaces as I go along.

But this should be a fun ride. I’ll try to document as much as I can here, and see where we are in a year’s time.