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How to have fun

I’m turning 33 in 3 days, and for a couple of days, I was contemplating if I wanted to do that thing where I try to come up with 33 ~life lessons~ and pithy quotables. Maybe I’ll still do it next week, but this week I wanted to talk about something I’ve been trying to do these days.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts on the Pushkin network, like Cautionary Tales, Bad Women; right now I want to think a little more about a specific episode on The Happiness Lab: How to have fun.

I don’t know when or how it started, but I have always felt like I’m the most boring person in the room. It’s probably a combination of: 1) not doing things literally, 2) not being appreciative of what I do, and 3) the ‘grass is always greener’ fallacy.

And then it’s sometimes because my idea of fun is trying to catalogue everything I own, on a Notion database that I’m still finding tips and tricks on using.

Or trying to rebuild this blog and my portfolio, so that it’s lightweight, accessible, and easy to maintain outside of the WordPress setup I have them on right now.

Or binging Selling Sunset’s latest season, because that is something seriously mindless that I found myself absorbed in this past weekend.

Anyway, back to the point: How can I have (more) fun? What can I do?

I feel like a hypocrite sometimes because I’m always like, “I love to learn and having new experiences!”, but then the weekend rolls about and I’m more content sitting in front of my screen (that I do for 16 hours a day on weekdays) or laying in my bed (that I do for the rest of my hours in the day).

I just got the book though, so I’m going to do my own idea of fun (reading) and seeing how I can come up with a game plan (which is also fun). Let’s see what I come up with, and how I might put it in action ✌️

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