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interlude, part ?? (i lost count)

This whole weekend has gotten me all wrapped up with writing up 14 x 150 words worth of answers. Ostensibly, it’s to squeeze in why and how I’m ready and worthy enough for a leadership initiative at work. As someone who obviously loves talking about myself and all that I’ve achieved, obviously, this has been a breeze.

(Hint: It’s 10:31pm on Sunday night, and I think I’ve given myself chest pains with this self-induced stress.)

For some questions, I can’t think beyond surface-level answers of why I deserve to be looked at. For others, the 150 words is a limiter, and brevity is not my best friend. Still, I suppose there is value in me doing this, even if just for my own benefit. Else, there’s always room to prep for the next performance review.

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