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it’s me, hi, i’m the problem

Apparently, when I said “a break” in April, it meant a break from writing on here 😅

But here we are! Almost the last week of the year, and time for the introspection and the retrospectives to happen. This year has just happened and so many things did, too. I’ll do a proper year-in-review like I’ve done in the past years since I started this.

For now, or at least over this weekend, I’ll just take the time to quietly celebrate my GMAT score (645 on the Focus, which maps to a 700 on the classic test! I am contemplating retaking it, but we shall see) and recover from a week-and-a-half trip to Tokyo.

Naturally, I was always cold; the woes of a tropical person. I enjoyed the slow traveling and exploring, without needing to rush from place to place and city to city as we stayed in Tokyo the majority of the time. I’ll have to do another trip down to experience the other cities, for sure. But until then, I’m also headed to Germany and Austria in less than a month, and in even lower temperatures. I need all the warmth.

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