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Jay’s Weekly Digest, but make it full of tweets #2

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Slava Ukraini

I don’t nearly know enough about sovereignty and international laws, but obviously we can all see that the situation is grim and lives are lost — and for what?

Donation links here:

(But also, thinky thoughts about the stark contrast between the world’s reaction to Palestine, Yemen, et al, and people saying the quiet (racist) thoughts out loud.)

Designing in Agile

I cannot begin to count the number of times project & program managers have made me “break up” a design task so that it can go into a user story, and how the design team can’t really operate like that anyway. (More thoughts to follow in a proper post, I think!)

Tech bros missing the mark

As usual.

This is especially egregious though, from the lack of research with actual users, the soft demeaning of the very people they are supposed to serve, and just the air of superiority from these guys. Props to the knitting community for taking them on so graciously, because I would’ve told them to fuck right off my hobby.

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