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Jay’s Weekly Digest (Di-jay-st? No? No.) #1

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Trying out this new format of posting. Drop me a note if you have anything interesting for me!

Bye, Spotify and Parcast

I wrote about going from Overcast to Spotify a few months ago.

I’m going back to Overcast. A big hearty fuck you to actual false news and right-wing disinformation spreaders, and also to Parcast for being absolute shitty employers. As much as I’d enjoyed the constant content across topics I’m interested in, I’m definitely not going to support behaviors like this.

Designing the UX designer hiring process

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I’m helping the team to interview new hires. The other week I gave a pretty passionate speech about my stance against take-home assignments. I’ll probably write a longer thing elaborating on that, but until then, this was a pretty good read.

7 habits that constantly drain your energy

Welp. Check, check, check… you get it.

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