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just some belated haircut things

  • Life

Less Good

  • Random people making comments that were completely unasked for, choice quotes including: “You’re so pretty, why did you cut it this short?”, “Girls don’t have hair this short”, and “Next time don’t cut it like this, okay?”
  • It’s been a week and I already feel like I’m going to need to cut it once a month, or at most once every six weeks, and that’s definitely going to add up from the $0 I was spending on haircuts for the past two years


  • Less shampooing, less time for the hair to dry, less worrying about whether my hair looks unkempt, less trying to make sure my spectacles aren’t going to fall off because it’s on the tucked-behind strands of hair… Just generally ‘less’, including…
  • Less dypshoria, more euphoria 😊

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