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Keeping Calm & Healthy In The Wake of a Pandemic

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Over here in Singapore, I’m doing my best to keep up with everything going on everywhere else.

I’m grateful that I live in a place where the government has done most things right. That said, I’m also wary of a few things that I feel we aren’t doing right – briefly: no lockdowns, and a lack of stay-home-notices pre-March 21st.

Social distancing certainly isn’t taking off when I’m on public transport (I know, I’m part of the problem), and foot traffic is back to normal at malls.

Speaking of work, though, my (new) place of employment is finally enacting our work-from-home continuity plan from Monday. It’ll be a new challenge for me – I’ve worked from home before, but nothing for longer than a couple of days at a time.

A few things I’ll be focusing on while this is in play:

  • Make sure that work hours aren’t bleeding past off-work hours
  • Get my nutrition on point now that I can prepare them on the day of (but if this doesn’t work, meal prepping here I come again)
  • Not snacking every other hour
  • Be able to get outside to at least get a couple thousand steps in
  • Work out in the time that I would’ve been commuting

Most of all, I think, is to be more patient. With my family at home, but definitely with myself. With my work, and with writing more to connect with people.

Here’s hoping we all stay healthy, physically and mentally ❤️

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