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Lapse in mental fortitude, edition 539.

  • Money

I had a moment of intense FOMO earlier this week.

A new friend of mine had told me that she’d put in some money in AMC earlier this year, and she’s looking at a pretty big chunk of profit. Like, enough-for-a-downpayment, enough-to-pay-off-an-entire-student-loan, kind of big chunk.

For me, if I had done the same at the same time, it would have been enough-to-accelerate-my-financial-independence-plan-by-a-quarter. (I know, I know, I’ll stop with the dashes.)

In a near moment of weakness, I looked up r/wallstreetbets.

I opened up my trading app and typed in $BB.

I placed a (pretty sizeable) bid at market rate.

This was around 6:30 PM here, which was several hours before the market opens.

And thank goodness for that. Five minutes later, I decided I was out of my fucking mind, and canceled it before it could go through.

Guess I’ll continue on my slow path.

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