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Learning and new skills

Some really solid tips and links on how to learn things as an adult, courtesy of Johnny Webber.

With the pandemic this year (as well as starting at a new workplace in February), I’ve oscillated from ‘a little more free time’ to ‘existential crisis’.

I didn’t pick up a lot of new skills, but I’ve doubled down on some – mostly during this last quarter of the year:

  • Playing the ukulele
  • Started writing more (on here! which only picked up in October!)
  • Being serious about daily journaling
  • Meditating

That said, I’m going to try making 2021 the year of more learning.

Off the top of my head:

  • Basic conversations in Thai – for my love of tom yum, but also because it would be nice to understand a little of what I’m designing for the clients at work
  • How to sew
  • Progressing to a guitar (as soon as I get some nylon strings since the steel ones hurt my fingers real badly)
  • Calligraphy

I’ll have to plan this out just so they’re staggered, or at least manageable for me, but that’s the general gist! If you’re planning on picking up new skills, come let me know and we’ll help each other achieve them.

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