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Losing Track

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…or something less dramatic than that.

So. Last post was on 22 March, huh? A whole quarter has gone and I’ve failed terribly in my personal OKRs of keeping this an active outlet.

At the beginning of February I was tracking 7 habits1 for the month, and that went pretty well. Work from home got enacted sometime in the next month, I stopped drawing the weekly/daily blocks on my bullet journal, and April was by far the worst months in terms of daily habits achieved. And I’d scaled back my habits from 7 to 5 easy ones2, at least in theory.

I also turned 31 sometime in April, so I guess that month is a bye. I don’t make the rules, that’s just how it is.

Also, doing absolutely nothing that I’d outlined in the previous post. Okay, fine, not absolutely nothing, but for a while my working hours were totally out of my control, and that increase in stress definitely added to eating more and snacking more. I also didn’t have the time to go for morning/evening strolls to get any steps in, so that was a wash as well.

May and June were/are marginally better, and I hope I can sustain the momentum in some of these areas.

I also managed to check off something from my Impossible List (new post idea!), which was to give a solo talk/Q&A. I did that with some of the graduating students from the UX Immersive course over at General Assembly. Even as my imposter syndrome creeps up as I wonder if I’d given them any material of value, I discovered that being socially isolated from people has a new side effect for me.

My face got COMPLETELY flushed as I felt it get warm and red from the first minute I signed into Zoom and realize there were 50+ faces, and it remained that way for a while.

It’s terrible, but from an anthropology point of view, also completely fascinating. I’m going to have to monitor that now too, and see if it’s something that continues – though I hope not!

1 March – Meditate, read at least 20 minutes a day, ~100g of protein intake, not more than 1350 calories, 5 – 10k steps walking, stretching for my bad back, and at least 5l of water

2 April – At least 5l of water, stretch, read 10 minutes a day, not more than 1250 calories, journal once a day

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