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Mid-year review / 2021, why so slow & fast?

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2021 is half over, and that’s kind of surreal. We’re, of course, still in that limbo of a pandemic and post-pandemic state, and I’m hesitant to say if it’s been a good or a bad half.

Mostly I’m feeling really neutral about things, which I suppose in itself is good and bad. Good, because it means that I’m on auto-pilot; bad because there’s nothing that I’m really cruising towards.

Check in for goals for 2021

  • Sustain blog with at least one post a week — Yay! Even if some of these posts have been truly stretching and nonsensical, I now carve out time during the weekend to do this
  • 60 books in a year — Not doing so hot on this, but not too worried yet either. The inspiration and drive to read will come back to me, I think. (I hope)
  • Meditate once a day — Still suck at it, but at least I’ve stuck with it. (Ayyy, a poet)
  • 3,000 steps a day — This is also bad. I guess if we take it as an average I will be okay (I tend to walk more during the weekends, but not all the time either). This was also done out of an experiment to see if these 3-5k steps a day was doing anything helpful for my fat loss, and spoiler alert, it isn’t. So we shall see how I incorporate it back.
  • Basic conversations in Thai: This is 99% a miss, unless you count the words and phrases I’ve picked up from my content and UX team members on projects
  • Learning to sew: Done! I sewed up a couple of old shirts, as well as making my shorts wearable again
  • Guitar: I want to say that my basics are alright, but it’s like, a really shaky kind of alright. My fingers don’t hit the strings neatly for chords so I often get that buzzy sound when strumming, and I’m convinced my hands are much, much smaller than average. It’s probably not, but it feels that way
  • Calligraphy: I haven’t started on this 😔

But yeah. I guess it’s pretty okay progress for half a year gone. I’ve also written far more fiction and got Photoshop again, which was unexpected on both fronts but I’ll take these creative outlets!

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