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(Not) Enough Hours

I’ve been trying to figure out a rhythm and reason to writing here. It hasn’t been all that successful; that’s clear, with 3 weeks between this and the previous post.

Mostly I’ve been trying out how to fit everything I want to do in a day. There’s not enough hours in the day for me to: read, work on my core strengthening exercises and/or work out, write, meditate, and cook dinner (plus lunch the next day).

But I’m nothing if not me if I wasn’t trying to solve this problem, so:

  • I try to read on the way to work, since it takes about an hour for me to get to work
  • Meditation happens right when I wake up now, but only for five minutes – it’s something I need to still work on, or figure out a better time to
  • I’m trying to meal prep on Sundays now! I’ll see how that works out in a few weeks

Finding the time to work out and write are still things to solve, though. And I know, I know, the easiest thing would be to wake up early, but…

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