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Oh, hello there. Again.

…So. Another three months since my last post, huh?

At this point, I don’t have any other reasons beyond “work, y’know” and “COVID, y’know” but you know and I know that it really is “no motivation, y’know”.

I don’t suppose anything especially note-worthy happened in the past three months either, so that has been my head space for a bit: just a perpetual motion machine of work, the gnawing feeling of helplessness, and chronic back pain sprinkled in between.

But – and this is a big but1 – I’m determined to catch up on this project (this, afterall, was borne out of my beginning-of-2020-oh-man-the-before-times-were-pretty-great goals of starting and keeping up with a blog) – almost as much as I need to catch up on my reading challenge2.

The tagline that I landed on in January was the very creative “Experiences and Experiments”, and I promise, I’m still low-key excited to share about mine. I suppose it’ll help when it’s more focused on specificities, and not just me rambling, like I am now.

Either way, I would hate for my goal of writing to fall to the wayside since 2020 has shifted some of my other goals, so! Here’s wishing we all stay healthy, physically and mentally, and also wishing I stay accountable to myself 😭

Until next time! (Hopefully not another 3 months later!)

1 As opposed to my big butt, because – you guessed it – I’ve been sort of relaxed on my fitness goals as well!

2 Goodreads helpfully tells me I’m 18 books behind schedule, since I’m only on 20/52 books – the only saving grace is that I’m halfway through a lot of books, so I might be able to catch up!

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