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On mentoring and mentee-ing

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According to my dashboard on ADPList, I’ve logged 1,440 minutes in sessions. If those minutes are consecutive, I would’ve spent one entire 24-hour day (and more – some of these sessions definitely ran for longer than schedule) connecting with other people.

That’s pretty cool, actually. It also makes me incredibly happy when people I’ve talked to drop me a message to tell me that they’ve gotten and accepted a job offer, which has happened a few times now! I’m just glad to be here for the ride, and being able to be an observer to their growth.

As part of my leadership training with the Next Generation Leadership Team program at my workplace, I get to connect with the global leadership team and the c-suite, for half an hour each week, for the next half year. I had my first session with our global CFO last Friday morning, and was obviously calm and collected in the lead-up to it.

Just kidding, you know I was an anxious little over-thinker about whether I was going to be wasting her time. We had a really good talk though, just getting to know each other a little more than the introductions we had during a bigger session a couple of weeks ago.

All that to say – to people reaching out to potential mentors: keep doing what you do!

That takes amazing resilience and determination to want to get better. I’ve been good about finding mentors in my own company (even before this huge opportunity with the global leadership team), and catching up with previous teammates, but I haven’t personally waded into the world of professionals in the other parts outside of my sphere.

(Here’s my list of excuses I’ve been telling myself: I’m worried about wasting people’s time, I have to set a lot of context for things to make sense, I don’t specifically need tips but just general leadership development, and I’m not sure that ‘free’ is the right model for that…)

Anyway, yeah. Gonna have to dig deeper than that and actually set up a few sessions with some people I’ve put on a tentative list of ADPList, and see if I can form more relationships that way.

In other stuff – happy lunar new year!

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