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On Photo Storage & Google’s Take-Backsies

“Noooooo,” I typed dramatically to my chats after taking a screenshot of this storage change from Google. To recap: From June 2021, high quality photos uploaded to Google Photos will count towards the storage limit, instead of the current unlimited uploading.

I’ve talked a little before my digital clutter in general, and glossed over how my cloud storage is set up. I’ve had Dropbox for years before I let it lapse this year, and was planning on getting a Google One subscription. That is, until I realized that photo storage was going to be a non-issue with Google Photos, and held off getting a plan.

Until now.

Honestly, that pause for effect is a little unwarranted — it’s $28/year for me, and a manageable amount for the value it would bring.

Of my digital assets, photos and videos storage remain the thing that is the most cluttered for me. I don’t take the time to go through each photo and only keep things that matter. Screenshots make up a not-insignificant percentage of my images.

Occupational hazard, you might say.

So, I guess this is as good a time to carve a new intentional practice with my images:

  • Review the photos and videos on my phone and delete bad and irrelevant files on an ongoing basis
  • Create automated workflows to shift other files where they need to be:
    • Store design-related screenshots on a Figma board
    • Upload important images and screenshots on Notion
    • Back up important images and videos via the Google Photos app

Now, off I go to delete some photos.

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