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On the seven sins (and why gluttony is my top-ranked)

Out of the seven sins, I feel like my top three rotate between gluttony, sloth and pride. Some days, I am one with sloth; I am the sloth; sloth becomes me, etc. Gluttony, on the other hand, strikes me in cycles.

(Note: Possible trigger for disordered eating here!)

I try to put guardrails on my life, with habits like meal prepping, or working out and hitting a specific step count every day.

This year… has been kind of rough, on all these aspects. I’m not sure what has changed, and if it’s just an accelerated version of burnout in the time of this pandemic, but it is somehow significantly worse than this time last year.

Instead of meal prepping, I either:

  • Skip a meal because there’s nothing I really want to eat, or;
  • Go on my phone and start (to the tune of Waving Through a Window) tap-tap-tapping for food to magically show up at my door steps, anytime from 30 to 50 minutes later

In Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica, he outlined the five ways that gluttony is committed. These include food that is:

  • too expensive (I have two extremes with my cravings: 40 cents instant noodles, or a $250 buffet)
  • too elaborately prepared (Maybe not so much on this one? Score?)
  • too much in quantity (👀)
  • eaten too quickly (I guess? It depends. If I’m eating by myself, I tend to do it quite fast so that I can do other things)
  • eaten too early (my teammates might dispute this, because I eat lunch at 3pm, reallll healthily like, so… reverse-gluttony?)

Oooh, boy. Lots to unpack here. I also know that the only way is through, so I just have to identify my obstacles in meal prepping again to do it more consistently now.

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