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On turning 32

  • Life

This past Tuesday I celebrated my 32nd birthday.

Consider this: By the time you’re 30 — assuming a lifespan of a typical human — 40% of your lifespan is nearly over.

Well. That’s kind of sobering.

I started this off with the intent of writing one of those ‘x things I’ve learned in the last x years’, but quickly realized I don’t know if I can articulate 32 things and condense them into bite-sized knowledge, and that a lot of what I’ve learned is so subjective and contextual to myself and my environment anyway.

Still, let’s keep these maxims that I try to live by. Short and simple.

  • Kindness > niceness
  • Growth and progress, however slow
  • Anticipate change and be grateful for it
  • Do things that make me feel happy

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