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On turning 33, and an update for my back problems

So, with turning 33, I really wanted to get my health and fitness in order. I’ve talked a little about my back problems here and here. Despite my chronic procrastinating on important things, I finally got myself to the doctor, thinking I would get a straight-forward referral to a physio.

Instead, the doctor first got me to take an x-ray. I’d originally thought that was overkill, but I suppose if that was the process to getting that referral, I’d do it.

What happened next was that in the span of five days, I went from thinking my back problems was because of “a weak core” (something that a physio told me two years ago), to finding out that it’s possibly something wrong with my actual spine? From the x-ray, it appears that I have a few conditions:

  • Mild scoliosis, which seems fair enough, as I do seem to favor my left side;
  • Spondylosis, which is a fracture in the thin bone in between two vertebrae on my lower back;
  • Retrolisthesis, which is a slipped disc, I think?

Of course, these are pretty 😳 prognosis – instead of the referral to a physio, I’ve been referred to a neurosurgeon (who is getting me to do an MRI this coming Wednesday), and who also said that my nerves are sensitive.

(I know, me too 🥲 )

Anyway, I’m just glad that these issues are being identified, and I can get to treating it ASAP instead of letting it linger forever.

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