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  1. Got my first vaccine! I got dizzy for around two to three days, had a small rash on my right thigh, developed a painful ulcer on my upper lip, and my fingers felt numb. Honestly, just my body continually giving up on me. But other than that, it’s been nearly a whole week and I’m back to my baseline now. I saw (on TikTok, no less) that the period that comes after the jab would be Horrible, so we shall see if that happens.
  2. That said, the informational booklet said that strenuous activity should be avoided, and I’m taking full advantage of listening to that. I don’t make the rules, you know?
  3. Kidding aside — I have been horrible at my fitness habits this whole entire year. It’s a mix of injury and pain, along with hitting that wall mentally. Hopefully I’ll get back into the groove next week.
  4. I’m starting to take my coffee drinking more seriously, and trying out different types of recipes and grounds for my AeroPress. Thinking thoughts on getting a grinder and an espresso machine…
  5. I finally succumbed and subscribed to Photoshop again. GIF making is still therapeutic and fun!

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