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Short-forms and quantity

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I missed when I was writing regularly (once a week in 2021, hey), and I realize I’m putting undue pressure on myself to write something that is quality.

Which is silly, because:

  1. This site has a readership of 1 (me)
  2. There are no rules to what this personal space I’m carving out with my words holds
  3. Everything goes back to me stressing myself out, as if that is my hobby

I remember telling some friends that some books should remain as TED Talks instead of the fluffed-up books they become, and that holds true for what I’m doing here as well.

So maybe, instead of trying to start and continue long-form articles, I’m going to wean myself back into the habit of just letting the words flow. At least it’s good practice for when I have to write something long, like admissions essays.

But more on that another time.

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