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Siri, what is tiredness?

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This past weekend has been a real haze of feeling tired — like, the kind of tired where you make your way to your bed and suddenly you’ve taken an accidental nap, and you continue napping even after you’ve woken up, and you get to go to sleep at night without the naps ruining that.

The kind of tired where you stare at the monitor, possibly disassociating, and time passes without you really realizing.

Or the kind of tired when you know you have a sub-1,000 steps clocked, but you can’t find it within yourself to want to get out of the room.

But yeah. I don’t know, it’s weird. Maybe it’s just me expending a lot of social energy in the past week, since I went back to the office on two days (would have been three, but I tweaked my neck on one of those days and decided I shouldn’t).

I tested negative on my ART tests, so at least that probably rules that possibility out.

(Three days, a period start, stabbing pains, and an anxiety attack later:


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