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Slowing down

We’re already nearly in the third month of the year, and I have no idea how time has simultaneously passed this fast and slowly. It seems like a lot has happened — is happening — but also that nothing has.

It’s been a whole month since I wrote about feeling like I’m off-kilter. Unfortunately, I still feel the same, even with the days of break before Chinese New Year — which was certainly different this year, and some in ways that I don’t quite enjoy.

I also think I’d been in denial about working too fast and too hard, accelerating a burnout. What’s tricky is that I don’t think this is the fastest and hardest I’ve ever worked. There’s still a part of my brain, hard-wired into the hustle mentality.

So maybe this year — or at least this quarter — is a period of kindness to myself. Gandhi, for all his reverence but also deeply problematic views on race and sex, apparently said this:

There is more to life than increasing its speed.

1This looks way more aggressive than I thought it would, but it works.

So, I’m slowing down for now. Taking it easy. I do have the last season of Brooklyn Nine Nine, and all of WandaVision to catch up on.

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