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things fall apart, the centre cannot hold?

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It’s been a week since 2022 rolled by. This afternoon I sat on the chair, facing the same external screen I’ve been staring at since March of 2020, looking at the same setup on my laptop since then. I drink from the same 16oz cup; my same curated leisure while being confined.

It’s almost like life has been in stasis since then — but not quite. Insert that duck and paddling underwater meme here, if you can imagine it. I don’t feel quite ready yet to share about some of the bigger realizations I’ve had, but I’m curious to see where things take me.

In other news, I’m starting to think that my new mantra at work should be: if nobody else is worried, I shouldn’t be either. I’ve been having dreams (nightmares?) about doing work, and they’re not at all enjoyable.

So let’s just take a breather and ease more into the year. I know I need to.

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